Solar Energy & Exponentialities!

As a professional who works with technologies and researcher of the future, I have the opportunity to be in many industries, participating in the most different events. I have never participated only as a speaker, as a researcher I always get involved in the ecosystem because the position is privileged for the observation of qualitative data and trends.

Every lecture, panel, workshop the data draws clear standards on how committed we are as professionals and as people in evolving business and social matrices to a more integrated and sustainable level!

This week my incursion was in the Solar Energy industry, which until then I only had an artistic vision. Let me explain, for me future technologies are very similar to art, the more futuristic the greater the design and aesthetic balance; in the energy industry that maxims fits perfectly. Compare an oil refinery with wind and solar farms and draw your conclusions:

This week I was able to deep down into the subject and conclude that:

  • The installed capacity in solar energy in Brazil should close the year with 2.5 gigawatts. A jump of about 115% compared to the 1.15 gigawatt mark at the end of 2017. As the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Absolar) projected.
  • The boost to the source, which despite a huge potential represents only 0.8% of the country’s capacity, dominated by hydroelectric and with increasing participation of thermal and wind, must come from both the construction of large photovoltaic parks and smaller installations on roofs.
  • If a great part of the population installs solar energy at their homes and businesses, it would not be necessary to flood huge areas of the Amazon rainforest to build absurd hydroelectric power plants such as Belo Monte.
  • The country’s challenges are mainly to modernize the laws and mentalities that govern industry. Photovoltaic technology is already a commodity in the world so local adoption will depend more on business models facilitating business development and incentives for population migration to solar power systems. Turning all of consumers to power generators and provider and government to regulator and maintainer of distribution networks.

Renewable Energies and their Exponentialities.

Throughout these days I have witnessed the idealism of industry leaders. No discussion has focused only on profits and performance, but rather how we have improved the Energy Matrices of the Planet by stopping to remove liquid dinosaur from the ground and moving once and for all to renewable energies and their Exponentialities!

I could not fail to point out that I stopped at this event by the force, once again, of the network. Weslei Vianna (Chief Storyteller of The Content) saw my talk about Voicers in the Transmedia Era event last year; heard that one of the Voices at our ecosystem was Boris Petrovic, president of the Tesla Brazil institute and Nikolas Tesla’s great-grand nephew

In the name of Tomasz Slurz, founder of Solar Business TV, a Polish citizen of the world, who promotes Solar Energy Think Tanks around the planet, Boris and I were invited to bring reflections and future visions to this group of Solar thinkers who defend 100% Solar or Clean Energy for the next 2 decades!

What I can say is that I flew at one of the most synchronic weekI have ever had and once again the planetary BigData played its part!

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